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KeyBox is a first of its kind initiative in the Indian Real Estate Industry, which provides a custom tailored service according to your specific need.

Key Handling & Rental Services

We aim to eliminate security threats and concerns by monitoring the use of house keys and ensure safety is never compromised.

Buy-Sell & Property Maintenance

We also have a platform where you can buy from our list of properties or sell by creating an advertisement.

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About Us

Unlocking KEYBOX.

KeyBox pioneers a transformative initiative in Indian real estate, tailored to your preferences. With a global reach and specialist team, discover intelligent home designs, captivating landscapes, and unmatched security available 24/7.

Our focus extends beyond spaces to crafting an extraordinary lifestyle where every detail is personalised to meet your needs and aspirations. Your sanctuary is enriched with seamless technology, breathtaking vistas, and a commitment to unparalleled security, setting a new standard in modern living.


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KeyBox is first of its kind service in Indian Real Estate Industry, which is custom tailored according to client needs

  • The KeyBox Advantage: Your Path to Better Living
  • The KeyBox Effect: Transforming Your Living
  • Experience KeyBox: A New Dimension of Living Well

Our approach transcends the ordinary, as we recognize that no two individuals share the same vision or preferences. With KeyBox, you're not just a client; you're an individual with unique aspirations, and our commitment lies in curating an experience that is a true reflection of your needs.

  • Nearly 100% Success Rate
  • Transparent Flat Fee – No concealed charges
  • A Plethora of Delighted Customers
  • Swift, Effortless & Secure Online Process
  • Comprehensive Owner Resources Information
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Our Testimonial

Clients Feedback

KEYBOX is doing a fantastic job. My Flat was lying vacant since mid Feb, I tried other paid sites as well. Pricing was issue ,though at least 20 people saw the flat. Then I approached KEYBOX and bingo, within seven days the deal was finalized. Thanks to the team.

Brig Ajeet Rana(Retd)

I am availing the services of KEYBOX for the last eight months. They have got my Pent House vacated,got it maintained,found a tenant who is paying more than double the rent of previous tenant under a very exhaustive agreement,taking care of rent remittance and day to day functioning problems. All these for an amount which is less than my monthly haircuts. At times Viji is doing this not as a business but as a service.Thank God such people are still there.

Brig Pawan Sauntra(Retd),

I have no words to express my thanks to KEYBOX. My Pent House has been vacant for a long time. Viji fixed a good tenant and taken care of my interest. She is doing a yeoman service to serving and retired Defence personnel. Its rareto see a person like her in this selfish world.

Capt L Gopalakrishnan(Retd)

I must place on record that due to the hardwork and dedicated efforts by Viji my 4BHK has been rented out to a family at a good rent. Kudos to your efforts and support. Thanks a lot.

Brig Vikram Nagpal

Maam, you are doing a fantastic job,specially for the owners who are staying far away.Today we are living in a world where if we give the keys of the house to a real estate broker for management,…..we may lose the ownership. It’s the total trust and faith with KEYBOX that makes it different from other brokers.

Col R Murugesan.

Managing my flat in Bangalore while myself being 1000 km away was a nightmare, till Viji offered to look after my flat. Literally for a song she has saved me my tension time travel efforts and ensured I am getting regular and high rent. She is also helping me with Mutation, registration.

Mrs. Sonia Sudar,
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