Lightening your load & elevating your peace of mind.

At KeyBox, we are committed to enhancing your property ownership experience by taking on the responsibility of managing all your bills and miscellaneous tasks. We understand that staying on top of various payments can be a source of stress and inconvenience. Therefore, we offer you the comfort and freedom to relax, knowing that every essential payment is taken care of meticulously.

Our comprehensive service covers a range of bills and fees, including:

●     Property Tax: We ensure the timely settlement of your property tax obligations.

●     Electricity Bill: Count on us to manage your electricity bill payments without hassle.

●     Water Bill: Your water bill payments are managed with precision, ensuring peace of mind.

●     Apartment Maintenance Charges: We handle your apartment's maintenance charges seamlessly.

●     Other Payments & Levies: We've got you covered from miscellaneous fees to levies.

With KeyBox by your side, every payment is handled with care, allowing you to truly unwind and savour the benefits of your property worry-free.

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