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About KeyBox.

KeyBox Services Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Vijayalakshmi and Anuradha, sisters who share a military background. Vijayalakshmi Ramalingam, an Army Officer's wife accustomed to frequent transfers, and her sister Anuradha, who has held senior executive roles abroad for 15 years, comprehend the concerns of Non-Resident Owners (NROs). Drawing from their experiences, they have developed an economical and compassionate service to manage properties, reflecting their journey as NROs and NRIs.

Acknowledging the challenge posed by distance and a lack of reliable property management, KeyBox unites NROs and NRIs on a digital platform. This platform ensures seamless communication, transparency, and access while being overseen by individuals with unwavering dedication and integrity, including ex-military personnel.

Transform your property into an asset!


Unleash the Magic - From Property to Asset, Amplifying Returns and Easing Worries!


Crafting Keys to Serenity - Pioneering Effortless Property Ownership in Gated Havens.


● Commandeering for Defenders: Navigating Property for NROs & NRIs
● Strength in Numbers: Empowering Owners with Collective Advantage
● You First, Always: Elevating Your Interests Beyond Ours
● Your On-Ground Ally: Infusing Personal Touch, Wherever You Are
● Transparency is our Forte: Trust, Accountability & Duty in Every Step
● Beyond Business, Always: Your Partner in All Endeavours
● Elevate from Home: Magnifying Your Property's Value, Virtually
● Your Oasis of Calm: We Manage, You Reap – A Worry-Free Experience!


We are committed to offering dependable, foolproof, and personalised service. When you entrust us with your keys, you gain peace of mind and the ability to enjoy your property without any worries. With KeyBox, your property's benefits are yours to reap, worry-free.

Why Us?

● Remote Owners, Rejoice: Managing your distant apartment in a gated community, regardless of your location.
● Effortless & Cost-effective: Escape the maze of tenant searches, rent hassles, property taxes, and repairs, without draining your resources.
● Tenant Troubles Solved: Bid farewell to broker blues and subpar services while hunting for tenants.
● Remote Control, Real-time: Achieve tasks on your property from afar, all while receiving live updates through your personal manager.
● Trust Unleashed: Entrust your keys to a dependable company staffed by individuals of utmost integrity and dedication.
● Property to Asset Transformation: Elevate your property's status from mere ownership to a valuable asset.
● Sail Smoothly: Unload the weight of property management concerns onto the shoulders of a trusted companion.

KeyBox - Where Property Finds Peace and Prosperity, While You Find Peace of Mind.


Property Agents


Mrs Vijayalakshmi

Property Manager

Mr. Ramalingam

Selling Agents

Ms Sindhuja

Office Manager

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