Q1: How much is the enrolment fee?

Ans: The enrolment fee is Rs 1000.

Q2: What services are provided by KeyBox?

Ans: We offer a range of services designed to make property management and tenant affairs hassle-free for registered customers. These services include:
    Key Holding Services:
    ● Safeguarding apartment keys on your behalf.
    ● Assisting in showcasing your apartment to potential tenants (four complementary visits).
    ● Providing access to our website and sharing contact details of potential tenants. ● Offering information about the society, maintenance services, and essential service contacts.
    ● Handling additional tasks on a chargeable basis.
    Payment of Taxes and Bills:
    ● Property Tax
    ● Electricity Bills
    ● Water Bills
    ● Society Maintenance
    Tenant Management:
    ● Tenant Apartment Show
    ● Basic Tenant Verification
    ● Tenant Documentation
    ● Rental Agreement
    ● Tenant Move-in/Move-out Assistance
    ● Rental Assistance (Basic and Premium)
    Repair & Maintenance:
    ● Welcome Maintenance
    ● Painting, Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Mason, Seepage, Tiling Work
    ● Regular Cleaning
    ● Deep Cleaning of Kitchen, Washroom, and Full House
    Interior Design & Decoration:
    ● Interior Design: Modification and alteration of walls, tiles, woodwork, and fitments to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.
    ● Interior Decoration: Beautification of interiors with minimal accrual, adding the perfect finishing touches to bring your design vision to life.
    Miscellaneous Tasks:
    ● Property Inspection
    ● Tenant Liaison
    ● Management Interaction
    ● Assistance to Owner's Property Visits
    Property Management Issues:
    ● Buying, Selling, Leasing
    ● Modifications, Alterations
    ● Re-Katha, Legal Matters

Q3: What are the fees charged for the services?

    Key Holding and Property Management:
    ● Owner Registration (One-time): Rs 1000 (non-refundable), including one year of free key holding services.
    ● Tenant Registration (One-time): Rs 500, including document assistance.
    ● Key Holding Services (Basic Pack) per Month: Rs 1000 per year.
    ● Property Management (Gold Pack) per Year: Rs 9000 onwards.
    ● Tenant Visit: Rs 300
    ● Property Tax: Rs 300
    ● Electricity Bill: Rs 50
    ● Other Bills: Rs 100
Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions or require clarification on our services and fees.

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